Our water-based environments are facing major challenges. We are all individually and collectively responsible for their protection and health. This requires altering our relationship with our rivers, seas, and oceans, through systemic changes in our lifestyles and policies.   

Blue Genes is about the young blue generations. It reflects that our genes have evolved and will evolve through both hereditary symbiosis between different organisms and the epigenetic influence of our environment. But its meaning goes much beyond, as life implies an interdependence of psychological, biological, physical, social and cultural phenomena. Living beings do not only learn, react and evolve to the environment but they also co-produce and live the environment, their cognition and consciousness develops by interacting with the environment. This environmental cognition or action (enaction) defines how we live, as there is not a gap between sensing, feeling and being.

The Blue Genes community are people who share a common harmonic vision of our belonging to nature and to the Ocean as its central and essential component. We are concerned about the state of our oceans and want to find new ways to increase our connection and engagement with the marine environment, via the Arts & Sciences

The Institut de Ciències del Mar (ICM)  is a leading marine centre of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and is its largest dedicated to marine research. ​Under the motto “Ocean Science for a Healthy Planet,” the ICM conducts frontier research and fosters both knowledge and technology transfer on topics related to ocean and climate interactions, conservation and sustainable use of marine ecosystems, and impact mitigation of natural and anthropogenic hazards. In-depth knowledge, determined action, and coordinated management are essential to confronting these global challenges, thereby driving sustainable development of humankind.