Our community welcomes anyone interested in increasing the engagement and connection of people with the marine & water environments through arts & sciences. Blue Genes is a bottom-up initiative that aims at supporting and sharing ideas, actions or knowledge within the community. 

The Blue Genes community is formed by more than 60 people, split between the sciences and artistic disciplines, including individual activists and artists that are motivated towards and increased harmony with and for people and nature. 

I If you are interested in joining the Blue Genes community, please contact us a​and explain us a little about your interests and motivations. We are indeed very pleased to incorporate and support people and initiatives committed with people and nature. 

Pablo Amorós
Barcelona, Spain
BAU Student 

Vanessa Balagué
Barcelona, Spain 

Marine microbial ecologist and scientific disseminator

Eugénia Barroca
Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

SOA's Representative for Europe and Lusofonia, Marine Biologist and Scientific Consultant