We are a community of people from the scientific and artistic worlds who are passionate and concerned about preserving our Ocean & waters. As one outcome of the first Blue Genes Workshop, you will find projects, open calls, tools and methodologies to further the goals of the project. 

We want to learn together in a strong interdisciplinary artistic and scientific network. We want to promote best practices and inspire the urgent need for societal change. We want to co-create and perform disruptive and transformative actions and activities, which raise awareness on the central and essential role of the Ocean in our living planet and help interconnect individuals, communities, species and the living planet.


On October 27th, 2022 a group of scientists, activists and artists participated in a workshop. The participants were divided into 6 groups to discuss a number of questions that were already prepared by the organisers. To facilitate the discussion and ensure an active participation, attendants were introduced to the Miro tool and they were requested to add their answers and ideas in post-it notes. The leader of each group was then invited to share the main conclusions of their group in the plenary session. Those conclusions were used afterwards to summarise the main goals and prioritise areas of action. 


Authors: Collective 


This project comes from the observation that the pH of the oceans are not balanced and the de-acidification of its waters can be dangerous to a healthy ecosystem. Sandra collaborates with restaurants from the sea shore, collecting the waste shells, crushing them down to powder and creating a water soluble material. She builds urban furniture to use on beaches. These pieces will last no longer than a few months, adding the right amount of shell powder to keep a healthy pH level of the sea.
Authors: Sandra Martín
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The European Marine Board is looking for two new artists for the 2023 – 2024 edition of their ‘EMBracing the Ocean’ artist-in-residence programme. The EMBracing the Ocean programme provides grants of €10,000 for creative individuals and groups to co-create artwork in collaboration with ocean scientists to expand societies’ understanding of the oceans’ value and inspire wide reaching societal change for ocean sustainability.

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